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Project title: Purchase of new multi-system locomotives for intermodal freight transport

Project no.: POIS.03.02.00-00-0035/18

Beneficiary: Industrial Division Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (previous legal name of CARGOUNIT Sp. z o.o.)

Project location:

Registered office: 54-402 Wrocław ul. Szkocka 5/2. The location of the project is the company’s headquarters. The locomotives will be used by intermodal freight operators operating in Poland and other EU countries.

Planned total cost of the Project implementation [PLN]: 97,009,583.54

Maximum amount of eligible costs [PLN]: 93,129,641.66

Funding rate: 50%

Total amount of subsidy [PLN]: 46,564,820.83

National subsidy/designated subsidy [PLN]: not applicable

Payment of subsidy [PLN]: 46,564,820.83

Purpose of the project: (description using direct result indicators)***

Direct result indicator: none.

Product indicator: Number of rolling stock units purchased: 5 pcs. (year of purchase: 2021)

The project refers to the purchase of 5 multi-system electric locomotives for intermodal transport: 2 units in a West-East configuration and 3 units in a North-South configuration, which will be offered to intermodal freight operators on a lease basis.

Achieving the direct objective will also enable the achievement of the objectives arising from the existing transport problem:

– Increasing the potential of intermodal freight transport in Poland and the EU, thereby reducing road transport in favour of rail transport;

– Improving accessibility to modern rolling stock used for intermodal freight transport by being able to lease new locomotives which meet the highest technical and environmental standards;

– Improving and expediting international intermodal transport by being able to use multi-system locomotives adapted to operate and run trains in countries with different power systems.

– The project contributes to the achievement of the objective of Axis III, Action 3.2 type C through the introduction of new, environmentally friendly locomotives adapted to carry freight in intermodal loading units, thereby contributing to increasing the capacity of intermodal freight transport and the volume of goods carried using this mode of transport, increasing the potential of this environmentally friendly mode of transport.


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